Green Paint Colors

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Green Paint Colors

The color of your bedroom or kitchen gives a unique feel that can’t be duplicated. Fine Paints of Europe offers bold colors for your home and office in a variety of shades. Imported from Holland, our paints are only available through independent paint retailers.

Whether you are looking for green paint colors or sunshine yellow paint, we have an array of options for you to choose from. It’s been our business since 1987, and we offer support for our colors from experts such as Emmett Fiore. He provides customers with professional color advice.

What Paints Do We Offer?

Fine Paints of Europe offers paints inspired by Dutch enamels, which has made Holland a world leader in paint coatings with high standards. Our company provides a flat, matte, satin, and gloss paints, as well as primers and varnishes.

Our lines include the ECO Brilliant paint, which is available in an unlimited array of custom-designed colors so that you can pick your favorite shade of green or blue paint colors for your bedroom or hallway. Our paints are designed to be used with our primers, including the FPE Oil Primer and ECO Primer.

Helpful Advice When Painting

Let us offer you some advice when you’re picking a paint color or starting the process of redecorating your interior or exterior. Make sure that before you begin painting an exterior that you have used a moisture meter to ensure the exterior wood has less than 12% moisture, which will help your paint remain true for years to come.

We offer support services to all of our Fine Paints of Europe clients. Feel free to give us a call to get advice from one of our paint consultants or to discuss our unique finishes.

What Color Looks Good With Green?

When you’re looking at green paint colors, your secondary colors can be in a range of options. Green is made from yellow and blue, so these colors always tend to go well with green.

Other colors depend on your shade of green. Red, orange, and brown also go well with most shades of green, with brown providing a neutral color tone for your room.

Green is a great color for your kitchen or bedroom. It contains warm and cool tones, which make it a relaxing choice for the room that you sleep in. It allows you to decorate in a style that is all your own.

Green rooms allow you to furnish in a traditional or more modern style, and some colors lend themselves well to eclectic decorating. Your furniture could be bare wood or painted to make the surrounding colors.

Green paint colors are excellent in your kitchen, as well. They promote a warm and welcoming space, where family and friends can get together over a good meal or cook in the same area. The colors go with your appliances in just about any shade.

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Green Paint Colors

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