Track Repair and Replacement

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Your garage door tracks are arguably the most important part of your whole system.  The track makes sure that the garage door repair  door is aligned properly and lifts and lowers smoothly.  That being said when you have issues with your garage doors  installation the problem is often the track. 

Garage Door Track Problems

When the tracks on the garage door become too tight then your garage door will no longer open and close properly.  On the other hand if the tracks are too loose then your door may end up stuck open.  If you dont want to replace the door then you might need to check the  tracks aren’t working properly then your garage doors won’t seal properly when they are closed.  You end with gaps between the weather stripping and the house and that will allow warm air to escape driving up home heating costs, not to mention you can end up with unwanted guests in your home. 

Garage door tracks are metal components that will wear down over time, but you can make your garage doors last as long as possible.  Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garage doors in good shape but the day will come when you need to repair of replace your tracks.  If your garage door is accidentally driven into then replacement is almost always necessary.

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Different Types of Garage Door Tracks

The configuration of your garage door tracks will depend on the amount of space that is available in your garage.  Smaller garages may require different configurations.  Let’s have a look at the various options so you can identify what is in your home. 

Standard Lift: This is likely what is in your home, it is the most frequently used configuration for garage door tracks.  You can find a 12” or 15” radius track and it uses an extension spring system.  It is simple to work on and is easily replaced.

High Lift:  In higher end homes throughout the city with lots of space above the garage door you will likely find a high lift track.  It is also used by mechanics that put in car lifts on commercial property.  These are more complicated to work on and have more parts that need replacing.

Low Lift Track: Smaller and older homes are more likely to have very little room above the garage door openings, you will also find this to be pretty common in townhomes too.  In small spaces you need a low headroom track, there are two channels for the rollers to glide through.  The top section of your doors have to turn horizontally more quickly than traditional doors.